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IT-Security Network
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Optimizing cyber resilience, limiting liability risks

ultracon combines entrepreneurial and management experience with a perfectly aligned expert network for all dimensions of IT-Security

Assessment and transparency

With our 3-step Security Check you get a full picture of your security status
Phishing Simulation
Pentest external
Pentest internal

We help you transform
IT and employees

With a strong partner network, from system to network experts and experienced chanage-managers we provide support to all phases of your IT-security transformation

Workforce Training

With our partners' validated

Awarness Videos and

Escape-Training Packages you  can effectively and sustainably improve your company's cyber resilience.

Empower C-Suite, Executive Bodies and CTO/CIO

The cyber-resilience of your company, the prevention, detection and, if necessary, treatment of successful attacks, is not a specialist task of the of IT anymore. IT-security belongs to the core responsibilities of any board of directors, management- or supervisory board.
It is not only the GDPR that places personal and direct liability on the executive bodies here. The consequences of data loss, through encryption or data theft, causing production losses, ransom payments or a loss of reputation in the market usually endanger the company as a whole if appropriate precautions are not taken.

ultracon provides network and toolkit to empower executive bodies as well as support CIO/CTO's to take their responsibilties in the field of IT-security seriously. 


People define IT-Security

Humans are central to cybersecurity.

Not only are we the target – we are the solution – and the problem.

In our Phishing-Attacks we find up to 60% of employees providing login and password to a phishing website, even admins follow our invitations.

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